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Asia Gulf Services is a UAE registered company with more than 20 years of experience supporting international groups in exporting, implementing and managing their commercial programs in the fields of civil and defense, construction and design as well as infrastructure programs

Civil and Defense programs

  • Strategic business advisor to a worldwide leading group specialized in aerospace, ground transportation, security & surveillance and defense solution
  • Advisory assistance and technical support in the implementation of National Space Programs
  • Business advisor on installation of Air Traffic Control equipment for a significant number of airports in Central Asia
  • Business advisor and technical support to leading companies on ID solution

Design and Construction

  • Opening of national markets for large international companies
  • Setup and Partnership between a French architectural firm and a European construction company for the design and construction of a luxury building
  • Organization of special city lightening.


  • Advisory assistance and local technical support to a major Japanese industrial group for the installation of a water treatment facilities
  • Project management and technical engineering support for the development and implementation of water treatment plants